Valentines Day Around the World

Some love Valentines Day, others feel it has become too commercialised but at Fox & Kit, we can’t resist a bit of romance! So we have been finding out how it is celebrated around the world and it seems there is a lot many countries have in common (well who doesn’t like flowers, chocolate and wine?!).


Some would say that there is nothing more romantic than a weekend away in Paris and that France is one of the world’s most romantic countries. It is no surprise that the village of Saint-Valentin enjoys celebrating Valentine’s Day in style, with a three-day festival held and couples flocking to the village to join in the celebrations. This is the time and place to get engaged, married, renew your vows or just get romantic!


Argentinians have not just a day but a week of celebrations in July; 'The Sweetness Week' was established in 1989. Some have become disheartened that Valentines Day has become too commercial and this week was in fact the result of a marketing strategy by the brand Arcor to increase sales. The slogan "a candy for a kiss" has led to couples exchanging sweets and chocolates to show their love.


In Bulgaria San Trifon Zartan is celebrated on the 14th February which means ‘day of winemakers.’ Couples celebrate their love with a glass of local wine.


Estonia celebrates ‘friendship day’ known as Sobrapaev on February 14th. This amazing festival includes everyone, from couples to singles. So not just couples, but family members and friends also exchange gifts and celebrate love.


So maybe this Valentine’s Day you will stick with tradition and you’ll be sending a card, bunch of flowers or chocolates? Or will you look for something a little different to surprise your Valentine?  Whether you are a hopeless romantic or you’d rather avoid Valentine’s Day like the plague, love is all around and we are very happy about that!

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