Teacher Gifts – The Fox & Kit Way!

Here at Fox & Kit, we don’t like to follow the crowd and when giving a gift, we want to ensure it makes who is going to receive it feel special. Having been a teacher for over twenty years, I have been very appreciative of the gifts and cards I have received; my favourite ‘best teacher’ mug is still used on a daily basis! But I do have some tips on how to make sure your child’s class teacher feels loved and appreciated on that emotional last day with their class.

The card

A card from the whole class is a lovely keepsake and speaking from experience, when it has been made by the children, I have struggled to hold it together! Try these easy ideas:

Fingerprint card

What better way for every child to make their mark than with a fingerprint; put the fingerprints of the whole class together to form a bunch of balloons and add a personal message.

Personal notes

Ask each child to write a personal message on petal-shaped pieces of paper. Put them into the shape of a flower, only adding glue at the tip of the petal so that each message can be read time and again.

Tell a story

Asking your child and their friends to think about what makes their teacher special and turning these ideas into a story of the year shows so much thought. Ask children to draw pictures, cut out magazine pictures and use photos to add to your very special montage of memories.

The gift

To add to the card, a joint gift can again be a great way to say a big thank you. Gift vouchers and flowers are always appreciated but for something a bit different and for a small contribution from each family, a Fox & Kit Gift box not only looks stunning but shows a great deal of thought. Stand out from the rest this year and have a look at our collection. 


Gemma x
(Co-founder of Fox & Kit Gift Co.) 

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  • I love these. I’m going to suggest for our class to club together.


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