Fox & Kit Baby Gifts // It started with a book…

At Fox & Kit, we feel reading with babies can never start too soon and so our baby gift boxes just had to start with a book. From there, we added beautiful baby grows, muslins and soft toys. With some absolutely gorgeous books out there, we were spoilt for choice, so we chose some of our favourites and here’s why.


As well as rhyming books being enjoyable to listen to and fun to read, study after study has suggested that good rhymers turn out to be good readers. The rhythm of a rhyming book also supports a child’s language development and so the benefits are endless. ‘Hello Flopsy’ not only has the cutest rhymes, it also has stunning illustrations, coordinating perfectly with our Albetta romper. Irresistible!

Flopsy jumps, plays and giggles, Flopsy has a tail that wiggles!


Research has also shown that babies read to regularly know more words by age two than those who have not been read to. Add a book with repetition and a child will be joining in with the fun in no time! Where’s Mr Lion is perfect as any child will love to answer the question, ‘Where’s Mr Lion?’ with ‘here he is!’ as they open the colourful flap to find him.  With lots of animal friends to be found, this is a great book to share. Containing our most favourite illustrations by Ingela P Arrhenius, this was the ideal book for our Roarsome gift box.

Fun and interaction 

We feel that one of the most important things sharing a book together brings is that special time between a baby and their loved ones. No matter how old a baby is, they will associate books with fun and the sooner a baby is read to, the more positive impact it will have as he or she grows. ‘Are you there little unicorn?’ provides the ideal opportunity to enjoy time together, with holes to peep through and lines for tiny fingers to trace, this book was chosen to bring giggles to bedtime!

Pictures and illustrations

We may be a little biased, but we feel all our books have stand-out illustrations and for different reasons. ‘Happy’, by Emma Dodd is a book to be kept forever – the pictures really are stunning and the words that go alongside share a heart-warming sentiment.  As babies gradually show a fascination of bright colours and sharp contrasts, books like Where’s Mr Lion will really appeal. 

All of our books are available to buy separately but we have put them together with other gifts to offer perfectly coordinated collections of gifts in our keepsake box (ideal for storing baby’s treasures). 


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